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Earned rather than learned, Stella Starlore, has a remarkable background -having worked closely with the Origine moieties of Australia for over two decades……..Initially ‘decoding’ the corruption within their Native Title and aboriginal governance systems laws ; Stella’s achievements include her intrinsic role in the Wollumbin Campaign which achieved the end of logging old growth forest across 167,000 hectares of Australian Forest Habitat in 2003,including doubling the size of the Mount Warning National Park….at the behest of Elders concerned about the renaming of that same park to Wollumbin led her to ‘track’ and expose geospatial alteration and administrative government fraud; culminating in the resignation of several key State ministers and bureaucrats in 2005…

Stella Starlore was adopted, initiated and integrated into learning the ancestral Women’s Water Lore and Starlore which was being eradicated under patriarchal governance process….applying Matristic Lore against Law.

Having  spent decades collating, studying and reigniting the fires of the ancient Starlore on the East Coast of the continent,  Stella gifted it back to the Origine peoples, earning her the unprecedented right to speak and teach the potency and truth of the Matristic Pentagram alignments……the same STARLORE for which patriarchal northern hemisphere nations once persecuted the witches and tribal knowledge-holders.

Today Stella Starlore is known among the Origine’ people as the ‘Star Woman’– a respected and valued member of the Origine’ peoples of Australia….a ‘Clever-woman’…..Revered akin by global tribal nations as the custodian of the ancestral matristic pentagram knowledge preserved in the Origine’ Lore which was known to all global ancients ….Stella Starlore is synonymous to the ancient Matristic STARLORE Traditions Lore’s & Customs linking all the nations of the earth….

Stella Starlore is a noted global expert in her chosen field of Matristic Pentagram Cosmology of the Ancients ; and a practicing white witch in her personal life –using her ‘gifts’ to bringing the light of consciousness and hope into darkness at a time when it is most needed……

…. One Earth One Sky One Lore…..

StellaStarlore – Matristic Pentagram Starlore of the Ancients

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