Rainbow Serpent in the Wollumbin Caldera


The Origine’ Carpetsnake Clans of Australia are the direct descendants of  Old World keepers of, arguably, one of the most ancient cultures on the planet…..The Rainbow Serpent Lore ……This ancient Lore commences in most most eastern point of the Australian continent……Wollumbin Caldera 


The Rainbow Serpent is one of the most widely featured ancestral beings in the traditional lore and custom of the original Australian peoples….

Two Rainbow Serpents consistently turn up in the culture; commencing with the female Rainbow Serpent, that is the ALL- Mother.  She is the original galactic creator being.…giver of Life and creator of Lore ……and then there is the more contemporary male Rainbow Serpent who is the transformer of the land…..

One travels celestially, one terrestrially – earth and sky …..thus, the sacred significance is that of both the phallus and the womb…..Rainbow Serpent is the great father and mother of all forms of life, and it is always associated with water, the source of all life…. an important cultural creator being that is linked to Landscape, through Lore and Language,  but only the female Serpent comes from the Matristic Starlore Culture. 

In the masculine form Rainbow Serpent also slithers over the land, his tracks shape the mountains, his body scours out the course of the rivers; where he occasionally stopped for a rest, he created waterfalls, bays and lakes……. Piles of rocks are said to be his droppings, and such sites are considered sacred…… As he moved, his scales scraped off and become the forests and woodlands of the region…….


In the feminine the Rainbow Serpent can be seen in, and descends to earth from, the band of stars spread across the sky, which form the milky-way galaxy……the everlasting water of space – the celestial RIVER  … The sacred waters are the basis of the women’s ‘skin-lore’ kinship relationships…. a personification of fertility, richness in propagation of plants and animals and rain, a narrative that is common throughout Australia……

Rainbow Serpent All-Mother is the Matristic creator of all, having life-giving powers that send conception spirits, Origine’ Mermaids,  to protect all the waterholes from which the women obtain their babies…….Pleiadian Sisters…..0a8aa5c270b9e6dd12b99b9c4a482cae

From the Alcheringa … the highest waterfall on the Wollumbin Caldera Rim……Rainbow Serpent sings to create the Tjuringa [Cheringa] stones – sacred totemic stones from Wollumbin which are ‘sung’ with ‘supernatural power’……

tjuringa 3

tjuringa 1

These power objects hold ancient lore and travel west into the central desert lands as spiritual memory sticks to be used by initiated elders in rituals and ceremonies – the acquisition of sufficient knowledge which lead to the possession of such a stone was long, difficult and sometimes extremely painful….


A Tjuringa must never be removed from the ground in which it was placed  for to do so invites paranormal dreams, visions and sickness.

Rainbow Serpent is responsible for regenerating rains, and also for storms and floods when she acts as an agent of punishment against those who transgress the ancestral lore/law or upset it in any way….For whilst the Rainbow Serpent is primarily a symbol of fertility and creation, she is also known both as a benevolent protector and as a malevolent punisher of law breakers……

t01f545b8e43ccdb0e8The beautiful and exotic daughters of the Rainbow-Serpent. …The Seven Sisters or Mermaid Fertility Spirits  inhabit rivers, lagoons and waterholes and also reside in the night sky…. In many accounts they are Siren-women…In sacred ritual, these daughters of the Serpent are concerned with magico-religious practices for women and love ceremonies for both men and women…following ancient Matristic Lore codes of creation which once encircled the planet…

moon-conjuncts-the-pleiadesOn her journey through the River of the Milkyway,  Rainbow Serpent meets with the Seven Sisters – Pleiades-  who are called the Wiangaree, in Ngarakbal Githabal language – and gifts them the lore…The totemic kinship ‘skin’ lore that links all life……

The Wiangaree is the original name of the Border Ranges National Park, on the rim of the Wollumbin Caldera ……..and the pinnacle is a terrestrial symbol of the Galactic Rainbow Serpent – where a sacred matristic skinlore ring was created , aligned to the galaxy ….. during the British colonization process it was destroyed and the Rainbow Serpent Lore sites sliced in half to create the separate states of Queensland and New South Wales , with all ancestral names changed in an effort to eradicate the Matristic Culture from Australia….sanitizing history.

wiangaree-forest-7-sistersFor the Ngarakbal Githabal of the Yoocum Yoocum moiety of the most eastern point of the Australian continent their home is Wollumbin Caldera…To them the Rainbow Serpent is known as ‘Warrazum’…. and the Lore comes from the ‘Alcheringa’ [Creation time]…….and  the Alcheringa is the name of  their sacred waterfall located high in the Macpherson Ranges of the New South Wales/Queensland Border…which has always been the abode of Warrazum, the Rainbow Serpent – its an ancient Women’s Water Lore and it comes from the stars…… 


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Winter Solstice – DownUnder

grandmother whale and wollumbinThe First and most essential art or service of mythology is of opening the mind and heart to the utter wonder of all being….And the second service is cosmological of representing the universe and whole spectacle of nature, both known to the mind and beheld by the eye

The Time of Winter Solstice is traditionally a time of rebirth – Transformation

We reset our goals and direction with the cyclic rhythms of the spheres

Of which Mother Earth – GIA  is our home – for ALL Species winter solstice grandmother spirit whale

Solstice is also a time of realignment with Source….Alcyone the galactic sun….

Mother Sun…our source of light and life

Her alignment with her satellites….This Solar System…and the Galactic centre

And of our mother planet,  Earth…

This celestial alignment cycle is the natural time to reset ones-self

To contemplate on ones perfect placement within the universe

Ones own personal pathway……..

As our earth cycles thru the solar system

The system is cycling within the greater star belt….our galaxy

The Milky Way…….the Emu for the men…..or the Serpent for the women

winter solstice - pleaides and whale

At the same time…we cycle thru the greater multi-universe

Dancing amongst the stars…..

Billions and billions of star clusters…wheels within wheels

Once, the knowledge of the stars was held by those who came before us

Before Electricity…and Industry

Before legal and fiscal matters mattered

The Butchering of the Ancient Earth Knowledge’s

Of the cyclic rhythms of the spheres was captured and crafted

The Star lore, known to all ancient cultures…a Matristic Cosmology  which celebrates the union of masculine and feminine to create became only about male LAW

Ancient Earth Knowledge’s metaphoric lore of Transformation morphed into the global phenomenon now known as Christianity…

The Northern Cultures, omitting the Sacred feminine,  spread that Law right around the planet ….abusing it to claim land  winter solstice

The Corporate and Political sectors have bred a global culture of self detachment from the cosmic order…And from the ancient knowledge of the stars



But still today, those ancient metaphoric echoes resonate within us

Our human psyche recognizes their pattern…. our DNA celebrates it

Our ancestors fought thousands of years to release our minds and hearts to see again

And we are drawn toward the source…..unbroken Downunder.


winter soslstice1 - coowarragum shadow labelled

Today as an emerging educated culture…possessing unlimited minds and souls

Wanting greater truth as well as acknowledgement of ancient lore

To realign with the cyclic melody….and set our soul self free…..we flock, like birds to the natural terra-henge of the Australian East Coast – Wallumban Volcano …..


Here Solstice is the time for honoring the source of ancient lore

For acknowledgment of the cycles of Birth Life Death and Return

The Cosmic dance of the music of the spheres

The song of the Bird Tribes

mother father wollumbin solstice sky cycles


The Story of the Birth of Jesus

Is the metaphoric story of the northern hemisphere ancients …..appropriated by the church

It comes from the stars…..from Heaven


In Australia it is the story of the Seven Sisters and the Rainbow Serpent…..the River of Life – the Milky Way

The Matristic Pentagram of Magical Increase

The Return of the Sacred Lovers

The Helical Rise of the Pleiades and Sirius …the Pleiades eclipsed by the Moon

The symbolic Re-Birth of ALL LIFE – ALL ‘SKIN’ FORMS…..

Winter Solstice - sacred marriage

The same Soul music……of the Spheres….is in all ancient cultural lore….in remnants

On the East Coast of Australia, it is intact

The Song of Wao……is a song of the Soul and it’s return to source….

The heartbeat of the universe

Emu foot beat…..Wao’s foot beat

Sisters Dancing – Serpent Singing

Following a set pathway that no mortal can obtain

It is in the heavens above us….to inspire and remind us…..we are all connected

Metaphoric lore’s of cycles of Transformation……Caterpillar to Butterfly

Birth Life  Death, and Return to source – Over and over again…..

The song of each and every passing year written across the vault of heaven

Allowing us to become a conscious contributing part of a greater good acknowledging connection to all things…and obligations of reciprocity and respect

Solstice is a time to Remember Transformation is natural ….Natural Galactic Lore

caterpillar dreaming - increase magic

The ancestral Origine’ Starlore of Australia acknowledges two souls – male & female

And from this comes the Totemic system of connection to our mother planet

Soul spark from Mother and Father and their place in the universe, giving life to all species…

Wallumban – the Transforming Witchety Grub ……The Caterpillar Dreaming…….

This is what is known as SKIN LORE….It comes from the stars….

Solstice blessings – to all beings from all worlds…always

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